Forever Knight

This page is to introduce you to Forever Knight,one of the the best vampire shows that was ever made.

The following is a brief overview of the the three seasons and the major characters that inhabited the Nighttime world of Toronto, Ontario in the Forever Knight Universe.

First Season Cast

Nickolas Knight-Once a crusader for the Church, he was brought across one evening by a pair of vampires. For a few centuries he enjoyed his new found lifestyle, then he realized he didn't like killing innocents.

He began to feed on only the people that deserved to be punished, until his sometimes cruel master tricked him into feeding off of an innocent woman he fancied himself in love with.

Nick decided after that incident, to stop feeding on humans altogether. Since then he has been consumed with trying to find peace with himself.

When he met Natalie Lambert, she convienced him she could find his redemption through becoming human again. He decided to accept her help and they have been trying various methods to regain his lost mortality.

He became a police officer with Toronto Metro and was partnered up with a mortal partner, Donald Schanke. Although it was an uneasy alliance at first, they grew on each other.

Things became even more complicated with the ghosts of his past haunting him. His master, LaCroix, whom Nick staked with a flaming board in a huge battle in his loft;taunts him from beyond the grave, and figurs prominently in his reflections into his troubled past. His immortal sister Janette, pulls him back towards his vampire self.

Then he fell in love with Natalie. A love that Nick refuses to act on for fear of his dark side taking over and hurting her. Does denying them their heart's desire, hurt them just as much as his fear of losing control? Only Nick can answer that question.

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