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We got started on night at a little gathering one January night of 1999 called Royfest. We were watching a film called Bleeders, featuring Roy Dupuis as John Strauss,a man with no family that has a very rare and fatal blood disease. He travels to a small New England island with his wife (played by Forever Knight's Kristin Lehman)to find out the truth behind his heritage and possibly a cure to his disorder. Instead he finds out family secrets and the cure to his disease is almost as deadly as the disease itself. Well, we figured out early on what the disease meant for poor John Strauss and we began to chant "Roy, Roy the vampire king" every so often as the fim progressed. From there it spread rapidly on the Michael's Harem mailing list. We became itentifed by our sig tag "Bite me, Baby!" Roy is Vamp King-VampVixen# (The number is assigned as you declare). We decided then we needed a mailing list of our own.

Roy in all his Vamp King glory.

A pic presented to a close friend of Roy's, auctioned off on Ebay on June of 2001.

!Checkout the Quote list from the Royfest 99 gathering!

Wanna test your vamp knowledge? Try the questions to see your knowledge of Roy and the rest of the vamps we loveTo get a Vamp Op level


The votes are in and the Tasty Vamps of 2001 are up!


See the pics from the Anthony Stewart Head appearance in Dallas Texas onMay 19, 2001

Giles From Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by the ever gracious ASH

NEW! From Close Quarters Standby 4


See how the Vamp Vixens and company painted Toronto all kinds of colors!

now we also love a good general vamp discussion of any vamp fiction,TV, or movies.

Hot off the Shelves

News of the NightCheck here for the latest info on books, movies and other interesting info about the vamps, and the actors playing vamps, we all love

The Crow Salvation is now out on DVD/VHS as of March. Look for a tasty boxed DVD set of all Crow movies with additional footage, interviews and such!

The Lure of the Night:Books,movies,music,and other goth links


Check out the new Fan Fic Section!

Some of our current faves are:

LaCroix-The powerful master vampire of Forever Knight

and his favorite son, Nick Knight

Angel/Angelus-The one with the face of an Angel, the vampire with a soul, and a darkside originally from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Now he has his own showAngel

Spike-The Buffy bad boy with the Billy Idol attitude.

Lastat-Anne Rice's brat prince.

We also like to ponder the issuses his poor torurted childe Louis dealt with as we discuss.


check out the actor finally pegged as the new Lestat!

Julian Luna- The Prince Of San Fransisco

The most interesting vampire in the short lived FOX series Kindred:the Embraced, was too brief on our small screens.

the actor-Mark Frankel was killed just after the series run,in a tragic accident in London, England. He will be missed

A short history of Kindred:the Embraced

Jean-Claude-The sensual prince of St. Louis from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series of fantasy fiction.

we think Roy would make a thud worthy Jean-Claude

Can you say ma Petit? I knew you could.

Here is a website to pick which dream man YOU want to play Jean-Claude

Ramses-Although not a vampire we do so love to talk about Anne Rice's sensual immortal Pharoah

Comte St. Germain- Chelesa Quinn Yarbro's wonderfully attractive ancient

We have found a few more interesting night creatures to add to our list of stuff to talk about.

One is the butt-kicking vampire called Blade A helf vampire that makes his life mission to find and destroy the evil vampires that threaten mankind.

Blade battles a band of pumped younger bad vamps that are trying to overthrow the older establishment of the vampire council

Dracula is back on the big screen! A new sexy Dracula 2000 made my Christmas!

Another small obsession of mine is the Crow. Although The orginal was my personal favoriteI have enjoyed all of the Crow movies and the series, The Crow:Stairway to Heaven.

There is even a new Crow movie that was straight to video Note Kirstin Dunst as the female lead.

It was unfortunate that Brandon Lee was killed during the making of the first movie in a freak accident, he had a superstar written all over him. He will be missed.

Who are the Vamp Vixens? Come on in and find out!

To meet the Vamp Vixens

Check out the fun the Vixens had at CQSIII in May of 2000!

Wondered what the set looked like? See the pictures of the LFN studio taken in August of 99

Cool links for Roy and vampire fans

Michael's Harem-Devoted to La Femme Nikita's Michael

NunkAnon-for LaCroix

To get Roy Dupuis Movies

Angel's Vamps Homepage

Top 10 Reasons Roy is Vampire King

To find out more about the man behind the characters, Roy Dupuis

Fang Gang-for a great general Forever Knight discussion group

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