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Meet the Vamp Vixens

Vamp Vixen Role Call -- to the tune of MST3K

VampVixen 1-Lady Sukh

Michael's Sensual Dance Partner/ Head Renegade Addict/ Vamp Op Level 5/Harem Op level 4/Codirector of Harem Membership/Grand Duchess in the Harem/Founder of Roy's Vamps/Keeper of John Strauss's licked Mirror/Roy's dark angel/Micks Pop#93-Ribena Flavour/Angel's Vamps-Mender of Giles's and Angels Lost Alliance/GilesNAUGHTY/FangGang listmom/MU-Blue Team Leader/Nunk Anon/Valentine/UF/Friend of the Ratpack/Celtic Glowworm/Eternal Order of the White Rose/Harem Writers Guild/SectionsCoven/Royette

VampVixen 2- MacCousin Heather

Keeper of Michael's Sunglasses Collection/Renegade Addict/ web mistress/ Vamp Op Level 5/Harem Recruit level 3/ Valentine Op level 3/Keeper of Alex's Cello/MU-Blue Team Op Level 2

Vamp Vixen 3-Missy

Founder of Michael's Harem/Harem Hostess WelcomeFest99Coordinator/Harem Web site Mailing List Manager/Vamp Operative Level 3/Michael's Minx # 30 (Fushia shawl)/Harem Operative Level 3/Roy's Sultry Succubus

VampVixen 4-Misha

Keeper of Michael's Kama Sutra/Harem Operative Level 6

VampVixen 5-Kyra

Mistress of Michael's Tortured Soul/Harem Member #39/Harem Op Level 6

VampVixen 6-Hart

Michael's Private Dancer

VampVixen 7-Jade

Soother of John Strauss' Dark Needs/Keeper of Michael's Frayed Humanity/Field Op Level 9/Psych Ops Mentor-Trainer/Psych Op Level 3/Oversight Ops Mentor-Trainer/Oversight Op Level 3/Strategic Op Level 3/Welcoming Director for Michael's Harem/Director of the Harem Writers Guild

VampVixen 8-Breezy2

Michael's Wings of Desire/Keeper of John Strauss's cold pale body and the Vamp who keeps him warm/Operative Level 6

VampVixen 9-Zoee

Caretaker of Michael's Sensual Hands

VampVixen 10-Lilith

Keeper of Michael's Bloodlust/harem op level 2

VampVixen 11-Nikitas76

Madame of Michael's Harem/Michael's Guardian Angel/Harem Levels Trainer-Mentor/Command-Cold Op Level 9/Val Op 5/Comm Op/5 Pysch Op 3/Strategic Op 3/Vamp Op Level 3/Renegade Addict

VampVixen 12-Scribs

Operative Level 4/Val Op Level 2/Comm Op Level 1/Strategic Op Level 1/Phyc Op Level 1/Oversight Op Level 3/Vamp Op Level 2/Director of RP's/Mistress of Michael's La Vida Loca/Angel's Vamps Positions Director/Angel's Wicked little Vamp

VampVixen 13-Natalia

Keeper of Michael's Dirty Thoughts/Creator of Sections Internet Missions/Rest In Peace Owen Hart. You will be missed./Harem Op Recruit Level 3/Comm Op Level 2/Vamp Op Level 3/Val Op Level 5/Michael's Minx/Member of the Society of Mentally Unstable Operatives

VampVixen 14-Marie

VampVixen 15-Aly

Mistress of Michael's Dark Nature/Harem Op Level 6

VampVixen 16-Christina

Supreme Protector of Michael's Tears

VampVixen 17-Elizabeth

Mistress of Michael's Darkest Thirst/(Soon to be) Member of the Society of Mentally Unstable Operatives

VampVixen 18-Velvet

Veil of Michael's Moral Culpability

VampVixen 19-Cerulean

Keeper of the blood Michael has shed

VampVixen 20-Shelly

and Keeper of Michael's Inner Happiness/harem op level 6/comm op level 3/val op level 5/vamp op level 2

VampVixen 21-Daisy

Michael's Musical Companion Operative level 6/ Comm Op level 3/ Valentine Op level 5/ Vamp Op level 3

VampVixen 22-Nikki

vamp op. level 2

VampVixen 23-Autumn

Goddess of Michael's Celestial Light/Harem Positions Director/Harem Positions Title Creator/Recruit Level 3/Val Op Level 2/Vamp Level 2/Mistress of Eternal Hunger/SectionsCoven founder

VampVixen 24-Fallen Angel

Michael's Chosen One

VampVixen 25-

VampVixen 26-Sheri

Soother of John Strauss's anxieties/Michael's Raven/Madame of Michael's Trivia Anxiety/HR Level 3/OPS Level 3/VampLevel 3/Heyn's Hussie #537/Micks Popsicle #11-French Vanilla/Walter's Wench #163 -Saucy Tart/Michael's Minx #156-Wearer Of the Red Veil

VampVixen 27-Anastacia

Protector of Michael's Manhood/Seeker of Michael inspired poetry

VampVixen 28-Sirena

Liason to Michael's love/Keeper of Michael's Quotes/Collector of Harem Bios/Val OP Level 5/Recruit Level 3/Alberta's Apprentice # 128

VampVixen 29-Mcddor

Birkoff's Girl/Angel's Vamps/Angel's Chief Torturer/Swt Envy's side kick CO-list mom/List moderator/Heyn's Hussy #299/Michael's Harem Level 6 Op/Michael's Tech Head/A World of Section/Covert Lovers/Angel's Chief Torturer/Birkoff Babes/Nikita Club/AA #139

VampVixen 30-Bathory

The One who Protects Michael from himself/cold op level 6/comm op level 3/valentine op. level 5/psych op level 3

VampVixen 31-existentalbluepaint

, Michael's Genius de la contretemps

VampVixen 32-Rebecca

Guardian of Michael's Soulful Eyes/Level 3 Op/Comm Op Level 1/Val Op Level 1/Renegade Addict/Internet Field Op Level 2/Director of Debriefings

VampVixen 33-Stacey

John Strauss's Midnight Comfort/Keeper of Michael's Bittersweet Kiss/LL #29 Wearer of Chocolate Raspberry Lipstick/MP #131 Wildberry/WW #239 Naughty Tart/The Trivia Tramp/MU- Weapons Manager

VampVixen 34-Genie

Protector of RD's Pale Complexion/Michael's Harem-Michael's Voice of Reason/Harem Operative Level 9/Valentine Op Level 5

VampVixen 35_JNKHowe

"Guardian of Michael's Rage"/Valentine op level 5/Oversight op level 2/Operative level 1/Psych op level 1/Michael's Minx #34 Wearer of the pale yellow chiffon shawl/ArchAngel #21-Pale Yellow Wings, Halo of Mischief/Mick's Popsicle #125 Cranberry Kiwi Twist Flavor/Alberta's Apprentice #179/Heyn's Hussy #395 Wearer of the green veil with yellow Celtic knots at corners and tassels on ends Larry's Lady #18 Sable Lipstick/Walter's Wench#150 Naughty Tart Division/Level 2 Tech(Union: The Michael and Nikita Crusaders)

VampVixen 36-Xcaliber

VampVixen 37-Pez Mom

Polisher of RD's Fangs

VampVixen 38-CLNash

VampVixen 39-Cheryl

Guardian Of Michaels Life/Operative level 9/Valentine level 5/Strategic Op Level 3/Psych Op Level 3/Comm op level

VampVixen 40-Cindy

Keeper of Becker's Licked Bowie Knife(Screamers)/Pink Taffata Fish /Torture Twin #25/Level 2 Specialist in Sheer Torture/Missions Unlimited Red Team Leader/MU listmistress

VampVixen 41-Nikita

Keeper of John Strauss's keys to Roy's bedroom/Michael's Bed of Roses/Oversight Op Level 2/M.U. Team Red Operative, Level 2/"Michaels trivia of Deceptions"

VampVixen 42-TASMIN

VampVixen 43-Lucrece

Michael's Gothic Angel/Harem Op Level 4/Vamp Op Level 5/Comm Op Level 5/Psych Op Level 3/Interrogation Op Level 3/ Valentine Op level 5/Oversight Op Level 3/Strategic Op Level 3


Keeper of Michael's Secrets/Vamp Op Level 2

VampVixen45-Lynnette "Crow"

Michael's Personal Guardian of the Harpie Eagle

VampVixen 46-LYNNLEE

Healer of Michael's Wounds

VampVixen 47-Nancy

Guardian of Michael's Cello/Guardian of John Strauss's lack of Fashion Sense/Introduction Extraordinaire/Member of The Harem's Writers Guild/Level 5 Vamp Operative/YYT #25 Tie Dye Thong/SectionsCoven

VampVixen 48-Whisper

Soother of John Stauss's Dark Torment/Keeper of Michael's lost innocence/Operative level 3/Valentine op # 5/HH# 444 Lavender with Silver Stars & silver trim/Tech # 12 @ Tech Central

VampVixen 49-Jennifer

Quencher of John Strauss's Midnight Thirst

VampVixen 50-Sylvia

Keeper of Angel's Lost Innocence

VampVixen 51-Ergnome

John Strauss's Silent Gargoyle/Michael's Stardust Yesterdays

VampVixen 52-Deiket

Becker's Shakespeare Companion/Keeper of Michael's Imagination

VampVixen 53-Cat

VampVixen 54-Kathy K.

Keeper of John Strauss's Family Jewels/Keeper of Michaels Forest/Member of the Harem Writers Guild.

VampVixen 55-Jennifer P.

VampVixen 56-Alanna

Sacred Body guard of John's Oh-so-Hot Body/ Seductress of all Male Vampires

VampVixen 57-Anki

Michael's Sunrise/Inspector of John's scars

VampVixen 58

VampVixen 60-Bea

Soother of John Strauss's fears

VampVixen 61-Mel AKA Wolverine

Keeper of John Strauss's BiColoured eyes/Cousin/Valentine/Immortal Beloved/Dark Knightie/NatVampCamp/ Harem Queen/Jagrmeistress/Jerichoholic/Spyboy's Toy/PHWO/Benoit's Love Slave/Keeper of the Sacred TV guide/Web Goddess/The Mustard in an Outsiders Sandwich/Hopeless Romantic/Kliq Chiq/Outsiders Anonymous/NA/Royette/TestTaker/HoochieWorldOrder/Listee for JC

VampVixen 62-Lady Make Maka Loa AKA Magic Fingers

Guardian of Johns Struass's secret Stash of Anne Rice's erotic books/Royette/Ele' Ele' Pua

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