Vamp Op Level questions

Answer ten questions for each level(1-4) you wish to complete. Cut and paste the question please so we know which questions you answered and send to

1.Name six of the Vamps.

2.What Roy Dupuis' movie, is he favorite among the Vamps? Name his Character?

3.What is a Vamp?

4.Who is Vamp # 1?

5.What Vamp number does the Founder of the Harem hold?

7.About how many Vamps are there, currently?

8. Name 3 reasons Roy is the Vampire King?

9. What event caused the creation of the Vamps in the Harem?

10. What line do you add to your signature line, when you become a Vamp?

11. What other Roy Dupuis movie makes vampire references?

12. What other actor in Hemoglobin was in a vampire movie? Name the movie?

13.What actor that has done a guest role on LFN has played a vampire in a TV show? What character?

14. What director of LFN also directed many episodes of a vampire TV show? Name the Show

15. What song has been featured in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and LFN?

16.What actress that has starred opposite Roy Dupuis has played a vampire on TV?

17. Why was Roy's character in Hemoglobin ill?

18. Name the two titles of Roy's vamp movie.

19. What Van Damme genetic mutation did Roy's Character have?

20. What did Roy's Character do in the vamp film that the vamps love?

21. Name the ancient caretaker of the burned out mansion?

22. Name the family of the legless freaks.

23.What ended up saving John Strauss's life?

24.Why was John Strauss named differently than the rest of his family?

25. Who would make the best Jean-Claude?

26. How many Laurell K. Hamilton books are out as of Jan 2002?

27. Name the creatures of Christine Feehan's Dark series? How do they turn vampire?

28. What is a lifemate?

29. Who is Richard Dunn? Who wrote the book and how is it related back to LFN?

30.How many times has Buffy died? Name the slayer called after her short death? Name the slayer called after that.

31. Why did Faith go rouge?

32. How did Spike first arrive in Sunnydale? Who was with him?

33. Name the order in which the Buffy vampires were sired and who sired who.

34.How did Buffy die the first time? How was she get brought back?

35.Who is Angelus?

36.How was Buffy resurrected the last death?

37. Who is Nick Knight? Who is LaCroix?

38.Where is the Series Forever Knight set?

39. Where was LFN filmed?

40. Who was the original Nick Knight? What was the movie called?