this work is in no way an attempt to violate the copyrights of Sony, USA, TriStar, Paragon Productions or the creators of Forever Knight.Angelique is an orginal character and IS copyrighted by Lady Sukh


Take, Eat

Copyright 1996

Lady Sukh

Pain filtered through the darkness I lay in. The exquisite agony of bones knitting. I opened my eyes, and looked for clues to my location. Candles burned in the room, small beacons to my battered eyes.

“Angelique?” A face swam into focus. Lucien. My dark savior.

I struggled to make my leaden tongue move through the cotton filling my mouth. Hunger started to burn, low in my belly, an insistent heat that spread through my system with lightening fast speed. The distant, discordant din of mortal hearts echoed close by. I struggled to sit up, the maddening sound of mortality so close, driving my thirst. The hunter had emerged. I had to feed.

“Drink this,” Lucien held a wine glass under my nose. The rich scent of blood mingled with the fruity scent of Lucien’s favorite vintage, then filtered into my reawakening senses in a delightful rush.

I drank, greedily, ungracefully. The blood was weakened by Lucien’s exquisite Bordeaux, one that I would have enjoyed had the circumstances been different. This evening the wine was more like gasoline, thrown into the raging inferno of my need, making it flare out of control. “More,” I growled.

Lucien leaned closer, examined my healing bruises.

“Lucien,” I whispered as his power crawled over my skin. “I need more.” I needed a taste of his ancient strength.

“Yes,” he agreed, gathering me into his arms. I lay in his embrace, drawing from his remarkable presence, a force that had first drawn me to him when Lucien was a mortal and I the hunter.

He pulled up one sleeve and offered me his wrist. Drinking from the wrist was so impersonal. We had been lovers for far too long for that. “I want to taste your blood from the source.”

Lucien’s eyes paled to yellow-green as he guided me to his mouth for a kiss. His lips drifted over mine, the taste of his last feeding lingered there to tease me. It drew me forward, the faint salt taste of blood. I searched the recesses of his mouth and savored the familiar heat. Need flared, need to taste of what he had so recently partaken of.

My gums stretched as my incisors lengthened in sweet anticipation of his taste. I swirled the tip of my tongue around one of his emerging fangs, reveling in the excited gasp that escaped him. I moved my mouth down the strong column of his neck, following the dull pulse of the blood he had consumed, I ran my fangs along the nape of his neck, he jerked and pulled my head closer. “Taste me, my Dark Venus,” he growled.

I pulled open his black silk shirt with a vicious yank, scattering buttons in an onyx shower, and scrapped the tip of one elongated incisor across his left nipple. “Here, Lucien, I want to taste you from here.”

He took the edge of my ankh pendant and opened a cut in his pale skin. His sibilant sound was an erotic blend of pleasure and pain as the blood welled from him. “Take eat, heal,” he whispered as he cupped my head to cover the wound on his breast.

I captured a drop of him on the tip of my tongue. His essence melted in a sensual, heady swirl of texture and memory. I ran my tongue between the open edges of the cut, teasing Lucien with the promise of his pleasure.

The hint of his power hit my system like a drug. I latched onto him, drinking of his essence, taking in his past, over a thousand years of hunting. Tasting the countless kills. Strength flowing from him, energizing me, healing internal wounds. It melded us, blended us, pleasure flowed from him in a rich, dark wave. His arms tightened around me as I pushed him to the floor, my own power returning, swelling, beating through me in ecstatic waves.

I wanted more than to drink, I wanted to pierce him with my teeth. I wanted him to taste me, to feel the fierce passion of his bite. “Lucien,” I pulled my mouth away from his chest. He groaned in protest. “Taste me now,” I bared my neck for him.

“You are too weak.” He caressed my exposed neck, the metal of his ring gliding against my flushed skin. I could smell his excitement, his arousal drove me higher, into a shimmering liquid need. I had to feel his teeth, to share his passion.

“I need to feel you.” I kissed him, all heat and wanting, tongues intertwined, fangs scraping lips, pleasure and pain in a heady combination. “Your brand, Lucien,” I whispered, nipping his ear to rouse his hunger.

In answer, he sank his teeth into the curve where my neck and my shoulder met. I gasped at the poignant ache and I was driven over the edge of pleasure into the white hot realms of pure sensation. Over and over, an eternal climax, repeating, fusing with him as he pulled the voluptuous feelings into himself.

I closed my eyes, arched against him as he drank, an inarticulate sound of intense fulfillment escaped me in a rough hiss and was echoed in Lucien’s shudder of release.

I woke sometime later, my hair a black trail across his white chest. Lucien’s lips tipped up at the corners as he looked at me, his hand trailed down my dark shoulder. “Welcome back, Angelique.”

The end