What are positions?

Positions are ways to have a virtual bit of the favorite vampire aspects of Roy Dupuis darker roles on small and large screen.

Here is a list of suggested positions, remember you are free to make up something of your own. I will check against the other VampVixens to make sure it hasn't already been done, then assign the requested position to you to add to your sig. It will also be added to the Role Call page.

Some Suggested Positions:

Keeper of John Strauss's flashbacks

Guardian of John's unborn Child

Protector of Kathleen and John Strauss's doomed love

John Strauss's blood Donor

John's Strauss's favorite snack

Guardian of the scratchers

John Strauss's other Nurse

Guardian of John's Walking stick

John's Climbing instructor

Guardian of John's secret Stash of Anne Rice books

Guardian of John's medicene

John's cave guide

future member of the Vamp Kings pit 'O' babes

keeper of the pickled baby

Vamp King's Moon maiden

Vamp King's Library Assistant

I will add to the list as the positions get claimed. Email me at dkraptur@aol.com with your position.

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