WARNING: explict depiction of BDSM lifestyles and blooddrinking!


this work is in no way an attempt to violate the copyrights of Sony, USA, TriStar, Paragon Productions or the creators of Forever Knight.Angelique is an orginal character and IS copyrighted by Lady Sukh


By Lady Sukh

copyright 1997

Lucien LaCroix examined the small package sitting on the polished cherrywood bar of the Raven. A card was sitting in front of the small silver wrapped package, his name written on the envelope in a familiar looping cursive. Lucien, it read. Interesting. Perhaps she was ready to come back to his bed. He opened the card.

My Lucien,

Wear this tonight. Angelique

He opened the box, and his eyes widened. Such a wicked woman. He was more than willing to get her back in his bed, where she belonged.


Angelique felt Lucien's gaze caress her as she walked into his club. She moved toward him in a slow circuit, taking in the faint scent of leather and mortal lust that permeated the front of the club. Mortals and vampires mingled in the soft lit main room, a few stood at the black and cherrywood bar that dominated the back of the place, eager to curry the favor of the owner, one of the most powerful vampires in town.

Lucien LaCroix was also her lover, and she had plans for him this evening. She sauntered past the dance floor, watching as the couples mated and mingled to the throbbing beat of sultry music, the changing spectrum of the dance floor lights creating seductive patterns of jewel toned color on the patrons. She paused as she parted the curtain of chains near the bar and watched Lucian as she approached him. His ice blue eyes lit with heat, the slow flame of delicious need shuddered through her at the naked want in his gaze.

She smiled at him, a teasing him as she approached his usual spot at the bar. She had a new game for him tonight, one that she was sure he would find to his jaded taste.

"I received a curious little gift today," he mentioned as he leaned over her shoulder to pick up his wineglass. “Perhaps you are ready for forgiveness?”

His power washed over her in an electric wave. It had been so long since her last visit, and she craved the exquisite rush of his blood. "I think that you are the one needing to remember who wronged who.” She smiled around the rim of the glass she sipped from, and ran one hand over his well-muscled thigh. “But I do miss having you.” Her hand traveled up his leg, pressing the thin black silk of his pants against the juncture of his thighs. “I miss the taste of you.” He was hard already, and her gift was in place. “Perhaps you need the forgiveness?”

"I need you Mea Amorata.” He leaned over and kissed her bare shoulder. A ripple of hunger coursed through her with a breathless bolt. "Pick one, my Dark Venus," he gestured to the full dance floor with a languid wave, "And we can play in the backroom" "Perhaps." She sipped at her drink. "I have something new in mind."

He leaned closer a sensual glint in his ice blue eyes. "Do tell." He drawled in a honeyed growl.

"No. You have to guess." She couldn't help the half smile at his consternation. She slipped a piece of paper in his hand. “Meet me in this room."

Lucien glanced down at the scrap, a slow lascivious smile spread across his chiseled lips. "We are in a mood tonight." He whispered, then laughed as he walked away, heading to the black door with the Isis/Orisis handles that lead to the private playrooms.

Once he was gone, she smiled. It was time for the next step of the game. "Is Vachon around?" She asked the bartender. The man cocked his head to the other end of the bar.

"Vachon." Angelique slid up beside the Spanish vampire, dispersing the gaggle of his other admirers with a discreet baring of fangs. "Come play with me."

Vachon turned to Angelique, shaking his head. "Are you kidding? LaCroix would have me for dinner."

"Chicken," Angelique leaned over and took a lock of Vachon's dark hair between her fingers and stroked it. "He's safe, quite busy at the moment."

She ran a fingernail up the side of his neck, eliciting a hissing sound from him. "Come," she whispered as she brushed tip of her tongue over the curved edge of his ear. "My blood runs hot tonight."

Vachon turned around and looked at her for a moment, flecks of gold vampiric excitement sparking deep in his midnight eyes. Then he threaded his fingers through her hair and fused her mouth to his. Angelique opened her mouth to taste him; his heat, his want. She leaned her head back as his hot lips traced down her neck.

A new song started, low and smoky, reeking of sex. Vachon broke off the contact and pulled her onto the dance floor. "I'm gonna die happy," He growled as he pulled her hips to his and inserted one leg between hers. Her dress rode up, exposing the length of one silk clad thigh. He pressed one hand to the small of her back and one hand around behind her head. He kissed her again, rough and openmouthed. They danced, mouths coalesced, hips grinding in mock copulation, tongues stroking. Music throbbed through them, touching the need, the carnality of their kind.

Angelique's hands dipped under his leather jacket to knead the hard muscles of his back through his thin shirt. Her hands clawed at the pleasure of his taste, the sweet hot fire of him. His shirt ripped and he stiffened with a sharp, aroused hiss as her nails raked his back.

He broke off the kiss, his eyes golden-green. He smoothed one slow hand up her thigh as they gyrated together, slipping his hand under her dress to squeeze her buttocks. He pulled her closer, rubbing her against his erection, and turned her so her back was pressed against him. He pressed one hand against her stomach, she to swiveled her hips with him, grinding with him, his rock hard cock thrusting against her butt. She smiled, wrapped her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers into his dark locks, and then exposed her throat.

Vachon leaned in and darted his tongue into the hollow of her collarbone, savoring the taste of her flesh as one of his hands trailed up her inner thigh. The other feathered over her face, one long finger was caressing her kiss swollen lips, driving the over stimulated nerve endings into a heated frenzy. She sucked his finger into her mouth and scraped it with her fangs. She flicked her tongue against his digit, reveling in the fiery tease of his blood. He tasted exquisite, of dark red wine, his skin still held the faint vanilla scent of his last feeding.

"You naughty girl," he groaned as his fingers slid into her pubic hair. "You aren't wearing any underwear." Her dress rode up, anyone watching would get quite a show. The thought of someone watching was loosening her, making the fire in her blood rage even higher. He slid one hand against her feminine fold, exposing her to the hot air of the dance floor. She shivered, dissolving into a moist stream of pleasure. He dipped one long finger inside her, testing her ardor. He laughed at her moan. "You're so wet Angelique." He stroked her slowly as she opened her legs with a catlike groan. "Does it make you hot to do this in front of Lucien?" He whispered as he flicked his tongue across her shoulder. "Hmm?"

"Yes," She thrust against his finger, then captured his mouth in a turbulent, titillating kiss. He moved her toward the back door, toward the private rooms.

“Does he Angelique? Does he like to watch you with other vampires?” At the doors he paused as he pulled Angelique around and locked her legs astride his lean hips so she straddled him. "Does the old man watch you touch them, suck them?" The rough denim ground against her throbbing clit, he was like stone rubbing, creating sparks deep in her belly. "Does he stroke himself while you fuck other vampires?"

The Isis door handle was grinding into her back, a delicious counterpoint to the hard press of him as he ground over her again, striking sparks against her moist slickness. His words sent a delightful shaft of fire through her as she imagined her ancient Lucien, watching, stroking his long cock; losing his icy control to climax in the dark corner of the room while she gorged on the essence of another. Then Vachon opened the door to the back area as her feet slid to the floor. The Bouncer grinned at the show and motioned down the dark corridor.

Black lacquered rooms lined the passageway, silver names shone in the pale artificial moonlight. Each room was built for the pleasure of a different century, the names reflecting their sumptuous décor. “Which one?” Vachon murmured as he stroked her ear with his moist tongue.

“The Spanish room.” She took his hand and they ran to the door, impatient to resume the love play.

He growled as he got her into the Spanish room and slammed the door shut with one booted foot. “My, I am in for a treat.” He looked at the cross and the red padded prayer bench. At the wall, Vachon paused and looked at the glass-fronted case containing a selection of whips and playtoys. “You are creative aren’t you?” A sly smile touched his kiss-swollen lips. “Do you like to be whipped Angelique?” He pulled her back into his arms and ran one cupped hand over her slick dress. “Does LaCroix get off on seeing you get tied to this and whipped?” He pressed her up to the St Andrews cross, and pulled her arms up to the restraints as he sucked on the sensitive skin on her neck.

"He does, He watches me bare my neck to others, to spread my legs, and fuck them like mortals,” She smiled into the dark corner she faced, then spread her legs to give Vachon access to her. “Do you want to know what her really likes to watch me do?” She slid out of his embrace. She walked to a stand near the door and picked up a riding crop. Then she motioned to the padded bench. " Lucien really likes to see me punish bad vampires, and I think you need some punishment." She stood legs slightly apart, balanced on impossible high heels, the dress riding up enough to show the slightest hint of the dark curl of her pubic hair. A pinkish drop of moisture trailed down one leg, she shivered as it rolled across her flesh.

Vachon grinned at her and went to his knees. "Command me, Mistress." He crawled closer to her and trailed his knuckles up her inner thigh. She hissed at him, baring her fangs and pushed him onto his back with her foot.

"No touching without permission." She planted her stiletto in the center of his chest. "Hmm, " She tapped her nail against her chin for a moment. Then she looked down on Vachon. She removed her foot and motioned him to stand.

"Strip. Then over there." She pointed to a red leather padded, prayer bench. “For your punishment."

Vachon looked at her and cocked an eyebrow. Angelique caressed him with her power, teasing him with the dark promise of her blood. He closed his eyes and swayed, drinking in her electric essence, before he started to pull off his clothes. Then he bowed on his knees and draped his lean body over the bench. She fastened heavy steel shackles to his wrists and clipped them to the floor D rings.

"Better. Now stay on your stomach." She chose a sharp tipped cane off the wall and swished it, grinning in maniacal delight at the sweet whistle it made. Angelique stood over him, trailed one hand across his bare butt, and brought the cane down across his back. He arched and moaned, as the welt appeared, a faint pink mark on his olive skin. She did it again, reveling in the sting of the cane contacting the skin on his back, the faint marks her punishing caress. One the tenth lash he lifted toward her relentless hand, keening in pleasure at each bite of the rod. The fifteenth lash broke his welting flesh, the faint ambrosia of arousal perfumed his blood.

Angelique stopped, straddling his firm butt, leaning towards the crimson ribbon of the wound, her fangs aching. She slid her torso over his tender back as he moaned at her and hovered over the welling mark. Her head lowered, she snaked out her tongue and scooped a bit of crimson. Desire slammed into her and she shuddered with the force of Vachon's want as the blood melted on her tongue in one exquisite moment of voluptuous pleasure. She leaned over and licked at he wound again, a slow glide of her mouth against his abused back, smiling as he writhed in sweet torment.

Angelique’s hands trailed down Vachon’s arms, running her nails down the tensed, sweat slicked arms as they strained against the heavy bolts. She leaned over him and ran her catlike tongue across his wide shoulders as he arched again with the exquisite heat of her mouth. Her hands reached the restraints and she unclipped him from the floor.

"Now, you understand, my pet?" She purred as she stood. He rolled to a sitting position with a nod. "My, my, is that for me?" He was engorged, hungry and oh so willing to play.

"Then let this be your reward," She pulled the straps of her dress down, revealing her full breasts and the hard nubs of her dark nipples and slipped out of her dress. Vachon crawled to her, his magnificent erection bobbing, and reached out a hand. She nodded as he slid a hand up her leg, pulled himself to his knees, lowered his head and scraped one fang against her feminine folds. She arched into his mouth with a sharp hiss of pleasure as his tongue caressed her, then the warm puff of his breath against her swollen clit.

Then he slid his hand up her stomach, his mouth, followed, traveling up her body in a hot moist trail. He reached her breast and stopped for a moment, whispering his palm over the contracted nub of her nipple. She groaned, swaying with delight at the ripple of sensation spreading at his touch, her body taut with need. Then his mouth closed over her nipple and she purred at the sharp sensation of his teeth sinking into her flesh. Excitement surged through her as he drank of her for a moment. He pulled loose as she undulated against his throbbing arousal.

"Very nice," she whispered as she stroked his shaft. The blood pulsed through his cock, whispering to her, tempting under her palm. She nipped at his neck and her hand stroked over him, teasing him with a light brush. He groaned and thrust into her hand, a pink bead of excitement appeared at his tip. She smiled as she slid down him to kneel at his feet. She leaned over and swirled the tip of her tongue across the steel velvet of him, capturing the pink pre-ejaculate in her mouth with a wicked smile. "Do you want me, Vachon?" Her voice was rough with need.

"Dios, yes," he hissed as he watched her with gold-green eyes. She slipped her mouth over him, scraping him with her fangs, teasing him with a swirl of her tongue. She shook off his hands as he tried to set the pace, as sharp bite his warning for acting out of turn.

Vachon stilled with a guttural growl, ever y muscle in his body in a defined, grimace of anguished hedonism, his hips jerking the slightest bit in time with the bobbing of her head. She could taste the faintest beading of blood through his pores, and she lapped it up, the pleasure of his pain was as intense as any human drug. She reached around and scraped one long nail across his tightly contracted ass, and he jumped, his cock twitched under her tongue.

Heady with the carnal gratification pulsing through his blood, she pulled off him with a husky laugh. She then raked her mouth up his flat stomach, licking at his skin, tracing the trembling muscles with her fangs in faint pink matches to the cane marks healing on his back.

“Mmm, such a tasty morsel,” She growled against his belly button, using her tongue to flick at his navel ring. He moaned low in his throat, and his already rigid stomach contracted. She smiled, pushed him to the red velvet chaise in the room and continued her delicious torture. Angelique cat-crawled over his body, rubbing her slickness against him, grinding against his rigid phallus, laughing in heated amusement at the distinct sound of his teeth grinding together.

“Mercy,” the gravel whisper was forced out of him when she took his nipple ring into her mouth and tugged.

“What, giving in so easy?” She rubbed her soaking box against him and he shuddered. “Alright, pet, take me.” He grabbed her forearms and hauled her against him. "Now." Her growl feline with the blood lust pulsing through her.

He used his hand to guide his phallus into her wet, welcoming sheath. She rolled her hips, savoring the feel of his marble hard length inside her. She began slow swiveling thrusts as she dragged a series of slow burning kisses down his throat. His head fell back as he drove into her, following her movements, baring his neck to her plundering mouth.

She hesitated, her eyes looking up into Lucien's golden-green ones, as she finally bit into Vachon's nape.

Lucien watched for a moment then closed his eyes, savoring the carnal sight of Angelique as she fed from the young Spanish vampire, his hand moving slowly down his engorged length. His Angelique had been right, he did enjoy the new game. Her gift was tightening on his shaft, binding him in splendid discomfort. He waited, silent, his hand a steady stroke as she pulled out of Vachon’s neck with a gasp of hedonistic pleasure. He then stood and stepped out of the dark corner, moving to the couch Angelique and the young Vachon were entwined on. The Spanish vampire had his head back over the edge of the couch, his neck muscles taut, his eyes closed with the feel of Angelique surrounding him like a hot living glove.

Lucien moved up behind Angelique as she rode Vachon and leaned over her shoulder. She threw her head back as his vitality played over her and captured a drop of crimson from the corner of her mouth. Her vampire colored eyes watched as he licked the bit of ruby off his finger in a slow, languorous slide of his tongue. His eyes closed for a moment as he absorbed Vachon's pleasure, then opened; a voluptuous smile spread across his face as she managed to bend backwards far enough to run the tip of her tongue over the engorged head of his cock.

He pulled back, still silent except for the faint sound of his pumping hand on his phallus and moved closer to the interlocked couple, watching, assimilating the scents and sounds of Angelique and Vachon as they mated. Angelique leaned back, a slight smile on her passion-swollen lips, the faint candlelight from the candelabra behind her caressing her dark skin with orange and red. He ran one hand under the back of her head, sending the Lapis and gold beads interspersed on the ends of her braids to clinking. He tugged on her hair, and she bent her head back for a rough, open mouth kiss. All the blood she had drunk still lingered in a carnal bouquet in her burning mouth.

"Enjoying your self, my dear?" He asked as he ran the back of his ring across her throat. Vachon stopped, his eyes opening in horror at Lucien's voice.

"Please, don't let me stop you," he suggested in a low rasp. "I am quite enjoying myself." He trailed one hand over Angelique's dark shoulder, then down to one breast. His palm rubbed one tight nipple. “You were right my young friend, about my game.” He reached out and fingered one of Vachon’s nipple rings, smiling as the pectoral contracted with sharp pleasure. “I could be persuaded to join in.”

Angelique shivered, then laughed. “Perhaps later.” She grinned at Vachon’s wide eyes. "Don't stop, Vachon," she commanded the startled vampire as she lunged down. Vachon groaned and complied with her command.

She arched back, her breasts spilled into Lucien's waiting hands. He flicked his thumbs across her nipples as she rode Vachon, pressing himself against her and grinding his erection into her back.

"Taste her," he directed the Spaniard as she curled toward Vachon.

Vachon bit into her as he climaxed, tasting her peak. Lucien, as he bit into her opposite shoulder, shared in the scarlet, blinding sensation. He savored her taste, her heady power, and her shattering orgasm and the dark pleasure of the two vampire’s bites as it coursed though Angelique, into Lucien, and through Vachon. Vachon gasped and held her hips to him, pumping in one hard thrust as he spilled into her. She hissed as her orgasm washed over her, then relaxed against him.

"Gracias," She whispered as she nuzzled his damp neck, licking at the pinkish sheen through his hair.

"De nada," he smiled then lay watching though hooded eyes as Lucien pulled her into his arms.

Lucien allowed her nothing but the dark tasted of his mouth as he carried Angelique from the small room and went up the back stairs to his private quarters with her in his arms.

Once in his room, he tossed her on the bed. She lay bare to him, her cafe au lait skin flushed with Vachon’s blood.

"Once, my Dark Venus, I would have been angered at your games," his voice was rough with need as he raked his nails down her slim stomach. Thin lines of blood welled up from the shallow scratches, he crawled over her and bent toward the lacerations. His tongue snaked out as he took a teasing taste of her power.

Her taste burst in his mouth in a copper jumble of desire mixed with hunger. Her need for him washed through him, arousing him with the force of a twelve-story drop.

"Lucien," her throaty groan inflamed him further.

He looked up from her abdomen, his eyes gold-green, a small slash of crimson on his full lower lip. He smiled, a wicked, promising smile, before he trailed his mouth down to the juncture of her legs. One fang rubbed against the nub of her, teasing her as she arched at the intense sensuality. He opened her legs, raining sharp nipping kissed over her knees to her inner thigh.

He sank his teeth into the tender flesh of her inner thigh, savoring the carmine rush of her. Here he could taste her encounter with Vachon, the hard, hot need of the Spaniard, the slick friction of their driving sex.

He pulled his fangs out of her sweet flesh, watching the thin trails of blood weep out of the punctures. Then his mouth moved further, seeking the very taste of her last lover as it mixed with her liquid nectar. He thrust his tongue inside of her, sampling them. She bowed again, her legs moving in a restless wanting.

"I am going to take you," his voice was hoarse and low in need. "Like he took you." He moved up her body in an erotic series of licks and nips, trailing his fangs over her contracting stomach, to her breasts.

He captured one nipple in his mouth as he sat back on his haunches, pulling her off the bed. She tore his shirt with her long nails and arched into his embrace. Her fingers curled into his short hair as he suckled her, luxuriating in her tart flavor.

“But first, the gift.” He pulled away, tsking at her groan and discarded his pants. He modeled her present, the black leather straps were bound together with exquisite skill, binding his testes at the root of his cock, and a small Ankh shaped weight hung from the front. “ I don’t know what to say.” He stroked her throat, his fingertips vibrating from the purr as he caressed her. “But it feels exquisite, binding my self with it.” He leaned into her ear, “And to have it there, restricting me while I watched you and Vachon,” he breathed into her ear, “ It was simply diabolical.”

“Now my pet, show me your devotion.” His long length rested in her hands, satin steel.

“ I want to be inside you. I want to be where Vachon was.” He sucked in a breath as Angelique flicked the Ankh with her fingertips, the cord tightened in pleasurable torment.

“Now. fuck me, general, please.”

He wrapped her legs around his waist, and impaled her with one vicious thrust. Her body arched up at the force of his penetration, a feline outcry of pleasure as he covered her, lying her back on the black silk cover of his bed. He thrust into her slick body again as he arched over her. Then he bit into her nape, taking her pleasure into him as he plunged into her body, doubling his possession of her, increasing the ecstasy into one sun bright moment of shared perpetual climax. The excitement was building, the cage preventing him from spilling into her, putting a fine edge of pain to his piercing ardor.

He continued to drive himself into her, triggering more and more of her orgasms, his excitement spiking, as she rolled onto him and latched her mouth to his shoulder. The sweet pleasure-pain of her fangs piercing his flesh was enough to cause him to peak in one last thrust, spilling into her body in a white-hot rush. They fed for a few more minutes, absorbing the after shocks of the volcanic coming together before Lucien pulled away and slid off her relaxed body.

"I think I like this new game," she laughed as she looked up from on his bed. He crossed the room to the small bar. "Drink?" He asked as he poured himself a glass of wine.

"Yes." She watched as he came back toward the bed, her gaze a physical caresses on his body. He felt himself stir again as he handed her the wine. She sipped, a wide smile crossing her face as she looked at he small punctures dotting his body. “Bis?”

He raised one eyebrow at her. "Per aevum,” he suggested in a low growl as she sat up on the bed. He leaned to her, capturing her mouth, tangling his hands into her dark hair.

The wineglass fell to the floor and shattered, unnoticed.

The End