In the Studio of La Femme Nikita

This is the poster that hangs at the Studio doors. A set of posters like this one was signed by the cast and auctioned off at CQS III each went for over 400 Canadian.

The stairs in the lobby, showcased in Off Profile. This staircase has also been seen in Kung-Fu: The Legend continues, as the studio was thiers before Nikita got it.

This was the first thing I saw when the nice Security guard was seeing us around. The second thing I saw.

More nifty stuff that we see every week.

Abayance. We all know what that means.See me thinking about all the people that have stood in that very spot.

This is right across from Abayence in the set

Comm Center, and Birkoff's spot is there somewhere.

See me standing in front of the briefing table, soaking up the Roy Atoms(Grin)

This is, I believe is the exterior of Nikita's backdoor and a bit of her backproch area.

Interior of the Mission Van set. It's elevated a bit and on a tilting bed.

I'll bet you've never seen anyone so happy to be in the white room!

Torture Twins play toys

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