Kindred:The Embraced

Kindred:the Embraced is loosely based on the Vampire the Masquerade Role Playing System. According to the creators, it was inspired by a combination of the V:tM system and The Godfather films.

I thought it worked quite well. It was stylish, dark, had a great cast and didn't last one season. Too bad, it had some potential.

Now for a bit about Kindred:the Embraced.

San Fransisco is a playground for the Kindred, an ancient race that has evolved alongside human for milliena. The Primogen of of the Brujah clan, Eddie Feoiri, is trying to oust the Ventrue Prince, Julian Luna, from his throne. Luna's young Niece, Sasha, the last of his human bloodline has come to live with him.

She falls for his bodyguard, the wild Cash, primogen of the Gangrel Clan.

The Masquerade, the very thing that protects humans from finding out about Kindred, has been threatened by Frank Kohank, a human cop who falls in love with Luna's lover Alexandra.

Things get worse when Luna falls for a human reporter

His long time lover, Lily, The Primogen of the Toreador Clan, becomes homicidally jealous.

We got left hanging at that when the show was canceled. Then in a tragic turn of events, Mark Frankel, Julian Luna, was killed in England after a collision on his Harley.K:tE Stands a as a testament of his potential cut short.

The Players


Julian Luna
Prince of San Francisco-He leads the Kindred in a war of peace, keeping the laws that protect Kindred by the Masquerade inforced.His word is law.He is Ventrue Clan, and well respected by other Kindred Clans. He falls for the beautiful Caitlin, a human Reporter.

Archon Raine

Primogen of the Ventrue clan, he is Luna's Sire and mentor. He was prince of San Fransisco before Luna and has been helping Luna keep peace between the clans.


Primogen of the Gangrel Clan, he is Luna's trusted bodyguard. He is also in love with Sasha, Luna's human niece, something Luna hates.

Eddie Foiri

Primogen of the Brujah Clan, Eddie has ambition. He thinks kissing up to the Human Loving Julian is weaking the Kindred and is eager to elimate Luna and become the Prince himself


Primogen of the Nosfratu Clan, he is Luna's most trusted confidante. Under his hideous physical appearance is a kind, sometimes savage heart

Lily Langtree

Primogen of the artistic Toreador Clan, she is the owner of a local Kindred hangout called The Haven. She and Julian were once lovers, and she longs to warm his bed again, willing to stoop to trying ot kill Julian's human Lover to get to his bed


Kindred Childe of Julain Luna, he is Eddie's partner. He is walking a fine line between dark and light to help his Sire to bering down Eddie once and for all

Sasha Luna

Julian's human Niece was embraced in a vendetta by Eddie and the Brujah Clan to force a clan war with Luna and the other clans. She still loves Cash, but her blood hates him more everyday. They are struggling to get past centuries of clan hatred


After Eddie's death, Cameron emerged as he new Primogen for the Brujah Clan. He was part of a group of Brujah from Manzinita Springs, Julian's home and the site of a mysterious fire. Seems Archon sent Julian there to kill all the Brujah on a personal vendetta, lying to Julian about the reason for the killings. Cameron has killed Archon to avenge the wrong


Alexandra is the lover of Luna's who falls in love with Frank, threatening the Masquerade and allowing Frank a glimpse into the wold of the Kindred. She gives her life for Frank's, to have Julain protct Frank from other Kindred

The Humans

The Cop, Frank Kohank

Frank finds out about the world of the Kindred, through his lover Alexandra. She is Julain's lover and soon finds herself falling for Frank. He is out to get Julian for the crimes he thinks Luna's has done, mosly Eddie's work, and ends up finding out about the Kindred, threatening the Masquerade. She forfits her life to protect Frank and starts a chain of tragic events that culminates at the series end


The Reporter, Caitlin Byrnes

Caitlin is a reporter after a story about he elusive Buisnessman Julian Luna. She gets more than she expects when he bgins ot romance her. Soon, despite the different worlds they live in, they fall in love.Then, after a dealy fight with rival Brujahs in Maniznita Springs, she finds out what he really is and saves his life. Can he let he live knowing what he is and endangering the Masquerade? We never get an answer, due to the premature ends of he series

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