Tasty Vamps of 2001

These are the results of a poll that was done on the Vixen site last year. Please enjoy the calenders and look for the poll for 2002 for next year!


Our January Vampire from Interview with the Vampire-played by the yummy Antonio Bandaras!

Vamp for Febuary is Lestat

from Interview with the Vampire played by Tom Cruise

Vamp for March isJulian Luna, Prince of San Fransisco

from Kindred:The Embraced played by the Late Mark Frankel

Vamp for April isLucien LaCroix

from Forever Knight played by Nigel Bennett

Vamp for May is John Strauss

From Bleeders played by the French Canadian Actor Roy Dupius

Vamp for June is


From Buffy the Vampire Slayer andAngel:the Series played by the David Boranez

Vamp for July is

Cash, the Gangrel Primogen and body guard to the Prince of San Fransisco

FromKindred:The Embraced played by Channon Roe

Vamp for August is

Nick Knight- Vampire Detective from Toronto Metro

FromForever Knight played by Geraint Wyn Davies

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