RoyFest 99-The Quote List

We had The following people involved in the Madness:

Lady Sukh-Michael's Sensual Dance Partner

MacCousin (Heather)-Keeper of Michael's Sunglasses collection

Kyra-Mistress of Michael's tortured Soul

Misha- Keeper of Michael's Kama Sutra

Missy-Founder and Co-Web mistress

Recruits-Jeanne, Shannon (Kay), and Vicki

We start the Festivities in a fun way, my Bra broke!

Oh shit, my bra broke-Sukh

Kay Replies- She ruins clothing at every party

Various comments during the evening-

Is any one taking any quotes?

I'm number 4- Bite me, Babee! - Misha on Roy the Vampire King

Throw that floppy over here

During Love-

She has no fashion sense (on Madeline and the denim jacket/tan pants thing)

After all the movies, we've seen him in I'm sure he could accommodate

Why doesn't she have any bullets?

Would you trust her?

During Bleeders:

Umm, mirror lickin' good!

Blood or not he could suck any part of my body

He's pale, he bleeds a lot he's really hungry all the time-hmm

The guy can barely walk and you make him go up the side of the mountain

Urs the Nurse!

Dr. Angst

Owww- Roy, Roy the Vampire King!

Wow, what a puddle

Madeline must have dressed him

I'm Hungry-Movie

This is his good side

I'll take his badside

His backside!

It's a suite all right

Bite, chew, swallow

Twice the ugliness (referring to his clothes)

My little turtle dove, my little popatomus

Bad wig, bad wig!

If you spend all your life sniffing embalming fluid, you'd sound like that too

Birdie Gordon doesn't tolerate waste-Movie

She sure doesn't

I'm just a bit player and I don't have any good lines

They were really tight (Van Dammes)

The sperm just leapt into her vagina

Hotel and funeral parlor?

It's a one-stop shop

Why is Roy putting on make up?

Cause he has Michael Jackson Disease

You love just being mean

It has some great lines

And face touching is good

I AM the mirror!

She's checking out the hairdo

The things that could really run your day

Alice doesn't live here anymore

He doesn't have the strength to fold lapels, he can barely walk, and he's rock climbing again?

Put him back together

Have a look at what I caught

Catch of the day

Keen sense of smell- vampiric quality

What is it doc? -Movie


Let grandma see and feel

Cravings and no blood?

Oh pooh! I'm old but I can still light candles

It's the stuffit buffet in the lighthouse

Bon appetit!

Dead baby breath

Formaldehyde breath and barf breath cancel each other out

He's had dinner and sex, what more does he want?

Tim Curry's Sister?

Brains! Formaldehyde!

Land shark

Candy Gram

Cousin Yoda!

Cousin it

Roy, Roy the Vampire King!

The buffet has left the building

Meanwhile in the underground Kingdom

Puts a new twist on Menage de Trois

Heard During the Forever Knight Episode (Ashes to Ashes):

Dad, I don't want to be a vampire

To bad, whap!

Mortals are so amusing

LaCroix Quote- Clearly, I have a future as a sobering influence on the disenfranchised

Nick is always confused and angsty

It's a Van Damme thing

Put me out of my bad hair extension misery

She's special, she's Divea

Chunky, smooth, I can't decide!


Give us a kiss

Oh Dad, give it up

But Daddy, you don't believe in God

During Cape Touremente:

I notice a recurring theme here

He slipped him the tongue

He's naked in this-oh good!

I think that's it

Cut, uncut? Hmm, let's freeze fame it and check.

Nobody will sleep with me

I got it at prom dresses are us

He's dead Jim, get his wallet

Captain's log- part of the ship fell of and nobody likes me

It's Pokey-Man

Who's Alex (Roy's character) Going to boink next?

I am the frogman Koo Koo Kachoo

I want to feel the splinters in my fingers

Come let us have naked man sex

During Emergence guest appearance:

I want some more hair gel, or I blow this place sky high

He's like Ger (Geraint Wyn Davies, Nick Knight) he's good an insane people

On Peta's hair during an interview

- Someone put my bangs down

During Entangled:

He's using a Mac, no wonder he dies

I'm Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod let me help you (as a barge goes by behind Roy, in Paris)

Then the quote girl fell asleep!

But we saw him naked!!