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By Lady Sukh

Copyright July 2001


Mexico agrees with me, Michael Gange smiled as he read the letter. My book is nearly complete. The sun, the bustle, the history makes me feel alive. You'd love the place Michael. It's such a sultry place, full of fire and passion.He looked around at his flat. He had a week or so before he had to leave for his new assignment in Montreal. Picking up the phone, he dialed the airline. Sukh would be so surprised.


Sukh came back from the Templo Major ruins with a sigh. Michael would have loved the feel of the 400 plus year old site of the ancient Aztec capital. The Heart of the one world, they had called it and it was still an awesome sight.

Sukh poured a glass of chilled Sprite and stood on her small balcony, looking out over the busy city. Fedrales sped by, sirens blaring, the spicy rhythm of Spanish speaking passers by lulled her into an odd state of contentment. She had spent the last three months enjoying the history of Mexico City. Her manuscript was finished, and she could lose herself in the many levels of history that stood side by side in this fascinating city.

Hello, Sukh." Michael stood in her living room, grinning at her as she turned at the voice.

"Michael." She was surprised, happy, but not sure of the reason for his welcome visit.

"I've missed you." He moved closer to her. He had not worn a coat, it was too warm, and he had on a knit shirt. He was in black jeans, and his hair was curling around his neck and shoulders. She hadn't realized how starved she had been for the sight of him.

"This is a pleasant surprise." She grinned when she realized his glasses were fogging over in the humidity.

"You've done well." He looked around at the bright pillows against the white, the bleached wood floors and the colorful folkart scattered around. He took a seat and started to look at the small colorful pottery scattered across her coffee table. As usual, he made himself at home wherever he was.

"Yeah, but I miss everyone." She went into the kitchen. "Would you like a drink?"

"Water." He followed her into the spacious kitchen.

Sukh popped her head over the Fridge door. "Didn't anyone tell you not to drink the water?"

He smiled. "Beer?" He sat in one of her chairs.

"Sure." Sukh handed him a cold Carona. "Now you can tell me why you're here. The real reason." She watched the emotions play over his mobile face as she sat and sipped at her soda. "And not just because you missed me. I know what that means."

Michael nearly choked on his beer. "Why do you think I want anything?"

She gave him a look and arched an eyebrow.

"All right." He sat his elbows on the small table."I've gotten an assignment in Montreal. I wanted to see you before I go. Try to convince you to come help me unpack." He leaned in and ran his thumb over her cheek. "I've missed you since you came here." He was close to her face. "I've never had a letter from you that sounded so content."

"Mexico agrees with me." Sukh sighed. "Meeting you in Canada was a fluke Michael."

"I consider it the best of luck." He brushed his nose against her's. "You have the same wandering soul I do."

"Michael." She didn't know if she wanted him to kiss her or not. Kissing led to much h more for this sensual man.

Michael put down the beer and moved closer to her. "Perhaps, a dance?" he enquired as he turned up the radio to a slow salsa. "I've missed my dance partner." He took her into his arms and bent her over his arm with a boyish grin and a not so boyish wink.

"Okay one dance," She whispered as his arm circled her waist, and moved her to the rhythm of the sultry music. It was only for a few days, and he was well worth the heartache.



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