Close Quarters Standby 4

May 25-29 2001



THe following pics are from the last of the Nikita Cons. I have tried to give credit where it is due, so if you see something here that is not correct please email me, so I can correct it ASAP.

Lady Sukh and her roomates enjoying the bar after a hard day of Laser Tag. From the Left:Linda, Peggy, Cheryl, and Sukh

Pic Courtesy of Cheryl

Pic Courtesy of Cheryl

All dressed up and ready to party! We hit the town to go to Guvernment and had a blast! From Left:Cheryl, looking fly in her sparkley skirt;Linda, looking hot in the crochet Fringes; Jenn, looking so fine in her red and black dress;Lady Sukh, looking good in silk and Pleather;and Peggy looking good in Red and black. We looked so good, men tried to pick us up in the hotel.

Pic Courtesy of Cheryl

The full length View. Check out Cheryl's kick butt boots!