A bit about our favorite American based undead crusader for Justice

Angel left Buffy to do his soul saving in LA, the City of Lost Angels. There he set himself up a private Dectective firm called Angel Investigations

He is joined at Angel Investigations by Cordelia

And by a half demon fellow named Doyle

When Doyle bravely sacrificed himself for the good of mankind, Wesley, the young watcher from the third sesaon of Buffy found his way to LA

Fired from the Watcher council and a Rouge Deomon huunter, he hooked up with the Angel crew.

Well, gosh, were else do we find Vampires set in LA?

I like Angel, I really do, but let's examine some things about it that,well, annoy me.

My first love is Forever Knight. And I find Angel remarkable similar in both premise and attitude. Shall we compare?

Angel VS Forever Knight

Angel-Los Angeles/Nick Knight-(The pilot)Los Angeles

Angel-dark broody,looks good in leather/Nick Knight-dark, broody,looks good in leather

Angel-P.I./Nick Knight-LAPD

Angel-Black late model Convertible/Nick Knight-Black Late model convertible

Angel-Flashbacks to his tortured past/Nick Knight-Flashbacks to his tortured past

Angel-Cruel Father/Knight Knight- Cruel Father

Angel-Insane children/Nick Knight-Insane children

That should get you started. What I like about Angel is the fact he deals with his being a vampire. Nick, he is not accepting his condition. Angel has cooler gadgets, but Nick can fly and hypnotise and other nifty stuff.

Angel may never be another Forver Knight, but I like it all the same.

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